2022/23 Panini Prizm Premier League EPL Soccer 6-Pack Blaster (Red Mosaic Prizms!)

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Each Box Contains Two Blaster-Exclusive Red Mosaic Prizms, One Additional Prizm and Two Inserts!

Lower print run than previous years!

The iconic Prizm returns to the Premier League for the 2022/23 season. This pairing of the uber-popular Opti-chrome printing technology and one of the world's best leagues is a collector's dream.

Find 2022/23 Prizms Silver parallels -- the most sought-after soccer cards in the industry!

Each box delivers two exclusive Red Mosaic Prizms, one additional Prizm and two inserts! Also, find the ultra-rare and retail-exclusive Sublime insert!

Blaster Exclusive: Base Prizms Red Mosaic

Also Included: Base, Base Prizms Silver, Fireworks, Emergent, Scorers Club, Instant Impact, Atmosphere, Widescreen and Sublime.

Prizm Premier League delivers some of the most popular rookie cards of the year, including Prizms Silver! Look for a 300-card base set.

20 Boxes Per Case, 6 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack