Hit Parade

2022 Hit Parade Gaming Opening 7 - Series 1

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Are you looking for graded Pokemon singles and a fun, exciting way to collect them? Welcome to Hit Parade! The Hit Parade team buys and grades Pokemon collections from all over the world. This brand new product features cards from the first 7 sets of the Pokemon TCG - Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Base Set 2, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge. These sets contain many popular cards, and Series 1 in particular features some exciting pieces: 9 Blaine's Charizard Holo Gym Challenge 2/132 7.5 Charizard Holo Base Set 2 4/130 9 Lapras Holo Fossil 1st Edition 10/62 8 Blastoise Holo Base Set Unlimited 2/102 9 Hitmonlee Holo Fossil 1st Edition 7/62 Every card in Hit Parade is graded by only the most credible companies in the collectibles industry, every card in this run is graded by CGC and PSA!
Hit Parade is a 2020 and 2021 Industry Summit Award Winning product!
Each box contains one slab graded Pokemon holographic card. Each series consists of only 100 hand number boxes. Each case contains 10 boxes!
Look for these great cards as well: Venusaur Base Set Unlimited 15/102 Sabrina's Gengar Gym Heroes 14/132 Alakazam Base Set Unlimited 1/102 Dark Hypno Team Rocket Unlimited 9/82 Dark Charizard Team Rocket Unlimited 4/82 And other great cards in lower grades, such as Pidgeot Holo Jungle Unlimited 8/64, Dragonite Holo Fossil Unlimited 4/62, Rocket's Mewtwo Holo Gym Challenge 14/132
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