Upper Deck

2022 Upper Deck Skybox Metal Universe Champions 5-Pack Blaster

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Look for Blaster Exclusive Aqua Parallels and Silver Dot Parallels!

The base set consists of 100 regular cards - each sporting a unique background design provided by the team that created the original 1997-98 Metal Universe set - and 50 high-series Metal Shredders cards (a new name and design for the high-series subset). The diverse checklist is made up of top prospects, current superstars and legends from a variety of sports: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Tennis and more!

There are two parallels of the complete base set and both are Blaster-exclusive: the all-new Aqua parallel and the Silver Dots parallel #'d to 299.

The 2022 edition of Skybox Metal Universe Champions features a bevy of intriguing inserts, including several new additions:

NEW! 1997-98 Metal Universe Championship Retro: This collection of cards features the top athletes from the base set on the 1997-98 Metal Universe Championship base set design. Each box will contain, on average, one of these cards.

NEW! 2500 Degrees: This "hot" new set features an impressive checklist.

A Cut Above: One of the most popular inserts in the 2021 edition is back. Each rainbow foilboard die-cut card features one of the best athletes from the base set.

NEW! Championship Galaxy: This is a revamped PETG version of a classic insert and features a best-of-the-best checklist.

Fresh Foundations: The checklist for this colorful set features only top prospects and young stars! Like the base set, there are two Blaster-exclusive parallels: Aqua and Silver Dots (#'d to 299).

Intimidation Nation: Known for its iconic intimidating close-up athlete images, this classic insert is a perennial favorite.

Jambalaya: These iconic insert cards with lenticular foil treatment feature a spectacular new background design and the best-of-the-best athletes.

NEW! Looking to the Future: With a stunning design and a collection of top young prospects and stars, this rainbow foilboard die-cut set is sure to be a hit with everyone!

Skybox Premium: Another classic insert consisting of the top names from the base set. There are two parallels, both of which are Blaster-exclusive: Gold and Gold Auto. Each box will contain, on average, one regular Skybox Premium card.

NEW! Z-Force: This design of this set, which features top stars, resembles the classic '90's Z-Force designs.

2022 Skybox Metal Universe Champions is loaded with incredible athletes, from top prospects to current superstars to sporting icons. Here are just a few of the notable new names you'll find in this special product:

Bryan Acuna
Henry Davis
Scoot Henderson
Catarina Macario
Marcelo Mayer
Jose Perdomo
Kenny Pickett
Maria Sharapova
Shaedon Sharpe
Jabari Smith
Amen Thompson
Ausar Thompson
DJ Uiagalelei
Kenneth Walker III
Caleb Williams
Malik Willis
Will Zalatoris


Insert Cards:

New! 1997-98 Metal Universe Championship Retro 1:4
New! 2500 Degrees 1:25
A Cut Above 1:38
New! Championship Galaxy 1:5400
Fresh Foundation 1:2
New! Fresh Foundation - Aqua Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:4
Fresh Foundation - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) #'d to 299
Intimidation Nation 1:25
Jambalaya 1:6480
New! Looking to the Future 1:25
Skybox Premium 1:4
Skybox Premium - Gold Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:10
Skybox Premium - Gold Auto Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:100
New! Z-Force 1:9

Base Set:

Base Set (1-100) 4:1
New! Base Set - Aqua Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:2
Base Set - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) #'d to 299
New! Metal Shredders (101-150) 1:2
New! Metal Shredders - Aqua Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:4
Metal Shredders - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) #'d to 299

20 Boxes Per Case, 5 Packs Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack