Yu-Gi-Oh Ghosts from the Past: The 2nd Haunting Booster

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The second Ghosts From the Past set is releasing in April 2022 and is the follow-up to last Spring's phenomenon, Ghosts From the Past! It's got more of everything that made Ghosts From the Past a smash hit, including even more Ghost Rares!

It's not just the roster of Ghost Rares that's expanded either - the drop rate has, too, so it's twice as easy to pull a Ghost Rare this time around! On top of that, each box of the next Ghosts From the Past set has 4 packs instead of 3, giving you even more cards per box!

2022's version of Ghosts From the Past is another all-foil set, and each 5-card pack comes with 5 Ultra Rares, 1 of which could be replaced by a Ghost Rare. Each box of the upcoming Ghosts From the Past comes with 4 packs, for a total of 20 cards per box.

Look for great cards like:
- Dark Magician Girl
- Blue-Eyes White Dragon
- Red-Eyes Black Dragon
- Cyber Dragon
- Dark Armed Dragon

- [10] Boxes per Case
- [5] Mini-Boxes per Box
- [4] Ghost from the Past packs per mini-box
- [5] cards per pack


Please note the cases that the last years product came in were too large to double box. Based upon this information, it's likely this product will ship in the original manufacturers packaging.