Hit Parade

2024 Hit Parade Gaming Ee-volution Edition Series 3 Hobby

**10-Box Case**

Every Box contains one (1) graded Pokemon card featuring everyone's favorite evolution Pokemon - Eevee or one of its evolutions!

Only 100 hand numbered boxes produced!

2024 Hit Parade Ee-volution Edition Series 3 is headlined by:

* Evolving Skies Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art PSA 9
* Evolving Skies Sylveon VMAX Secret Rare #212 PSA 10
* Fusion Strike Espeon VMAX Secret Rare #270 PSA 10

This product is packed to the brim with Eeveeloutions, with cards coming from all over the history of the game as well as Topsun!

Every card in Hit Parade is graded by only the most credible companies in the collectibles industry. Every card in this run is graded by CGC, BGS or PSA!

Look for these critters in this Hit Parade product:

* Eevee
* Espeon
* Flareon
* Glaceon
* Jolteon
* Leafeon
* Sylveon
* Umbreon
* Vaporeon


About Hit Parade

Hit Parade is the 3x winner of the Industry Summit's Repack Brand of the Year in 2020, 2021 & 2022! They have a team of 30+ full time employees that buy, build and manufacture real sealed Sports Card, Memorabilia, Comic, Sneaker, Toy & Entertainment products that are loaded with valuable and unique hits in every series. With only 50 or 100 boxes per series, Hit Parade gives you the best chance to get monster hits! Nobody has more HITS than Hit Parade!