Hit Parade

2024 Hit Parade Gaming Mixer Edition Series 1 Hobby Box

2024 Hit Parade Gaming Mixer Edition Series 1

Hit Parade's first ever Gaming Mixer in a box.

Every box contains:

One (1) Sealed Booster Box or Elite Trainer box, Two (2) Graded Pokemon Cards, and One (1) Booster Pack.
Each box is GUARANTEED to have a Charizard!

There are a limited number of boxes available with only 25 hand numbered boxes produced!

2024 Hit Parade Gaming Mixer Edition Series 1
is headlined by

* Potential Shadowless Base Set Blister Pack (Blastoise artwork)
* Cosmic Eclipse Booster Box
* Charizard base set CGC 8.5
* Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box

This product is loaded with high end sealed boxes, vintage booster packs, your favorite pokemon, and everyone's favorite fire breather.

Look for these Sealed Products
in Hit Parade Gaming

* Cosmic Eclipse Booster Box
* Evolving Skies Booster Box
* Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box
* Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box
* XY Evolutions Elite Trainer Box (M-Charizard)
* Japanese 151 Booster Box
* Rebel Clash Booster Box
* Obsidian Flames Booster Box
* Paradox Rift Booster Box
* Vivid Voltage Booster Box
* Base Set Blister Pack (Potential Shadowless) Blastoise art
* Jungle Blister Pack (Scyther Art)
* Fossil Blister Pack (Zapdos Art)
* HGSS Unleashed Booster Pack
* B&W Emerging Powers Booster Pack
* D&P Mysterious Treasures Booster Pack
* B&W Next Destinies Booster Pack
* Dragon Majesties Booster Pack

Look for these pokemon in Hit Parade Card Boxes:

* Charizard
* Blastoise
* Zapdos
* Mew
* Pikachu
* Leafeon
* Umbreon
* Flareon
* Glaceon
* Vaporeon
* Eevee
* Espeon
* Gengar
* Magmar
* Farfetch'd
* Electabuzz
* Pidgeotto
* Abra

About Hit Parade
Hit Parade is the 3x winner of the Industry Summit's Repack Brand of the Year in 2020, 2021 & 2022! They have a team of 30+ full time employees that buy, build and manufacture real sealed Sports Card, Memorabilia, Comic, Sneaker, Toy & Entertainment products that are loaded with valuable and unique hits in every series. With a limited number of boxes per series, Hit Parade gives you the best chance to get monster hits! Nobody has more HITS than Hit Parade!