Disney Collection: Zootopia Trading Card Hobby (Card.Fun 2023)

Authorized by the world's most popular IP, it won 6 awards in the 87th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and the
Annie Award, one of the highest honors in the global animation field.

5 types of high-end card slots with limited printing, the pull-rate of limited printed cards is extremely high! Different ladder card models have distinct design styles, which are very valuable for collection!

Highly popular transparent character cards, combined with dreamy original painting scene cards (does not occupy card slots) + novel gameplay of punching cards in popular attractions, free stacking combinations, one-click to show you the circle of friends!

The four main urban areas + 12 districts are perfectly reproduced, and the innovative UR map card design will take you to unlock the full map book of Zootopia!

Disney's sincere work, which combines the three connotations of animal utopia, adult love fairy tales, and culture changing the world! It has profound meaning!

Set Contents:
- [4] SSP Advanced Character Card #'d to 10
- [5] GSP Color Window Styles #'d to 50
- [4] SSP Advanced Role Cards #'d to 100
- [6] EX Vintage Poster Cards #'d to 199
- [9] SP Character Poster Cards #'d to 399
- [10] Transparent Character Cards
- [12] Background Cards
- [12] HR Movie Scene Cards
- [15] QR Character Cards
- [18] UR Map Cards
- [18] IR Expression Cards
- [15] SSR Character Setting Cards
- [36] SR Instant Cards

Configuration: 24 Boxes per Case, 10 Packs per Box, 4 Cards per Pack

Please note, some of the cases have small dents from shipping, but the contents of the case should be unaffected.