Disney HOTBox: Mickey & Friends Cheerful Times Trading Cards Hobby (Kakawow 2023)

Mickey & Friends Cheerful Times Trading Cards are mainly based on collecting sets and add rarity settings, interseting sticker cards, 3D three-dimensional cards and other playing methods. The card surface is designed with rounded corners for protection and uses international "metal cards" material, the card is light, comfortable to the touch, colorful and transparent.

- Base Cards (24 cards)
- Stills Scene Card (36 cards)
- Collectible Flash Card (24 cards) 1:3
- Poster Collection Card (54 cards) 1:3
- Alphabet Collection Card (52 cards) 1:5
- 3D Collection Card (8 cards) 1:10
- Sticker Card (7 sets) 1 per Pack

Configuration: 36 Boxes per Case, 20 Packs per Box, 3 Cards per Pack