Dragon Ball Super TCG Zenkai Series 4 Wild Resurgence Booster

Expansion of Set 03's "Z-Stack" Keyword!
The "Z-Stack" keyword introduced in Set 03 expands! Stack Z-Cards for great gameplay effects! Stack cards and recreate transformation and parasite scenes from Dragon Ball history! Players will want to have the full 7 cards in their Z-Deck for optimal gameplay and deck-building fun!

Characters from Various Ages Themed Around "Wild Resurgence"!
A lineup of warriors who have come back to life in the midst of battle! In addition to classic characters such as Perfect Cell and Golden Frieza, Super Uub joins the fray as a leader to recreate his fusion with Majin Buu!

Three Secret Rares - Including Canon Characters!
Set 04 contains three Secret Rare cards, including some with familiar characters beloved by all Dragon Ball fans! Players will have their wish granted in Set 04!

A DBSCG First - God Rare with a New Style Illustration!
One of Dragon Ball's most famous scenes is here as a God Rare featuring a new illustration style that will excite all fans of the original! You won't want to miss it!

Key Highlights:
- Expansion of the exclusive Z-card keyword "Z-Stack"
- Characters from various ages themed around "Resurgence"
- New GOD rares have finally arrived

- [60] Common (normal/holo ver.)
- [38] Uncommon (normal/holo ver.)
- [30] Rare (normal/holo ver.)
- [18] Super Rare
- [14] Special Rare
- [3] Secret Rare
- [1] God Rare
- [292] Types Total

Configuration: 12 Boxes per Case, 24 Packs per Box, 12 Cards per Pack