Fortnite Series 1 Trading Cards 36-Pack

Very Rare Sealed Case!!!!

The Fortnite trading cards highlight various characters, items and other aspects of the game that have helped propel it to iconic status. Cards feature character outfits, weapons, screengrabs and even loading screens, and Panini intends to keep the collection regularly updated to keep pace with the game's continually evolving concept.

Collect 300 cards ranging from gameplay screenshots, weapons, harvesting tools, and outfits! Including fan-favorite outfits such as Leviathan, Skull Trooper, Dusk and more. Find Holofoil parallels of Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards which mimic their in-game rarity.

The 300-card set consists of 100 base Cards, 50 uncommons, 50 Rares, 50 Epics, and 50 Legendary Cards!

6 Boxes Per Case | 36 Packs Per Box. 6 Cards per Pack!