Pixar Toy Story Best Memory For You Hobby (Card.Fun 2023)

This product contains cards from the Pixar Toy Story franchise.

Set Contents:
- [36] Instant Photo Cards
- [12] Character Setting Cards
- [12] Character Poster Cards
- [12] Chibi Character Cards
- [12] Christmas Transparent Cards
- [10] Villian Cards
- [2] Christmas Special Cards
- [4] 3D Scene Cards
- [2] Dual Signatures Cards

Dual Signature Cards: Featuring Woody and Buzz Lightyear with Black and Gold or Platinum cards.

Christmas Special Cards: Featuring Woody or Buzz, Foil Stamped Christmas themed cards.

Villian Cards: Features Villian characters from the Toy Story Franchise!

Christmas Transparent Cards: 12 different Characters cards with festive elements.

Chibi Character Cards / Character Poster Cards / Character Setting Cards: All 12 Card sets showcasing several main characters wiht unique card designs and art styles.

Instant Photo Cards: Showcases 32 different scenes from the Toy Story movies.

Configuration: 24 Boxes per Case, 2 Mini-Boxes per Box, 10 Cards per Mini-Box